Professional Exposure to Crypto

Iconic Funds is the bridge to passive and actively-managed exposure to crypto. Iconic Funds, via its subsidiaries, offers crypto asset ETP’s, diversified index funds and alpha-seeking strategies for investors.

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ETPs for Leading Crypto Assets

Iconic Funds’ subsidiaries are preparing to issue physically-backed ETPs for leading crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Iconic Funds Physical Bitcoin ETP is currently listed and traded on several European marketplaces.

Passive index and smart beta products

Iconic Funds Sicav, Plc became the EU’s first licensed and passportable crypto asset index fund, offering passive exposure to the top-20 crypto assets by market cap. Iconic is actively building other passive and smart beta products for crypto.

Alpha-generating crypto hedge funds

Iconic Fund’s Multi-Manager platform permits top up-and-coming crypto asset managers to leverage Iconic’s infrastructure and launch a new fund. Investors may choose from a menu of top-performing and evaluated funds that fit their investment strategy.

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