Building the Iconic Brand

Iconic Holding brings a wealth of professional financial experience to the crypto asset and blockchain industry. Previously known as Iconiq Lab, a venture capital group and token sale accelerator program, Iconic has transformed into a premier crypto asset management ecosystem with various sub-brands and subsidiaries. We cater to all crypto investor risk preferences through our sub-brands, Iconic Lab and Iconic Funds, and their subsidiaries, while driving crypto investment adoption through the AMaaS crypto asset management platform and the ICNQ token.

Our branding includes narratives which define Iconic Holding and its sub-brands. Clear styles for offline and online communication are established to create a strong brand presence throughout all media. Visual communication elements such as typography and color palettes create a unified identity that is universally recognized with the Iconic company names and logos.

Brand Evolution

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, the initially named Iconiq Lab quickly became globally recognized as a trusted industry leader in the token sale space, investing into and onboarding 9 projects which went on to raise over €20 million through 2018. Listening to demand from investors, Iconiq Lab expanded its trusted investment offerings by launching the Iconiq Funds brand, a crypto asset index fund management group, in Fall 2018.

As Iconiq continued to expand it was imperative to align each of the distinct business units to the singular vision of a tokenized, crypto economy. Thus, Iconiq Lab evolved into Iconic Holding, a premier crypto asset management group that caters to all investor risk preferences through Iconic Lab and Iconic Funds and their subsidiaries, while driving crypto investment adoption.

Brand Identity

Iconic envisions a tokenized economy where blockchain and cryptographic technology enable inclusive, transparent and secure financial markets. We are the bridge enabling enterprise-grade crypto asset investment opportunities as the tokenization of financial and real-world assets enhance financial institutional markets. Our team brings a wealth of professional, financial experience and a proven track record in the crytpo assets and blockchain industry.

We champion our mission to decentralized wealth generation by delivering excellence across all our business units to provide the quality assurances investors expect from a world-class asset manager.


We create value in the industry by setting an example for businesses and the investor community through new products, ideas, and relationships.


Our team is interdisciplinary from around the world, with decades of experience in the financial industry as well as venture capital markets and blockchain technology.


We put compliance first to facilitate and create viable and sustainable opportunities in the market.


In an ever-changing industry we adapt to accommodate new developments by creating cutting-edge services and products.


We are uniquely situated on the bridge of both the traditional and technology industries to promote blockchain advancements and new investment avenues.


As a multinational team we have spanned across four continents to create networks and communities that support the new crypto asset economy.

Brand Design

We analyzed our existing brand to identify the symbols that had become positively associated with Iconiq Lab.  It was clear that the Hexagon shape was the core symbol and that the hive concept had become part of the vision and structure of the company.

Primary Brand

Iconic Holding

Iconic Holding brings a wealth of professional financial experience to the digital assets and blockchain industry, creating trusted financial vehicles and business opportunities for investors. Our customers benefit from consistent performance in an ever-growing range of strategies from token sales to passive management, enabled by Iconic Holding subsidiaries.

Sub Brand

Iconic Lab

Iconic Lab is a Venture Capital Group and Blockchain Accelerator. Our business development expertise scales the most promising entrepreneur teams, preparing their project for its next fundraise through an STO, ICO or traditional equity round, offering premium investment opportunities to our globally-diverse investor network.

Sub Brand

Iconic Funds

Iconic Funds GmbH is the holding company of a series of subsidiaries that manage and issue crypto asset index investment products, offering passive and diversified exposure for investors to one of the world’s fastest growing asset classes. Collectively, Iconic Funds GmbH and its subsidiaries are branded as “Iconic Funds.”

Brand Communication

Iconic speaks in a clear, positive and authoritative tone. Our honest, customer-driven messaging establishes the Iconic brands as industry leaders with an intrinsic mission to educate and grow crypto investment opportunities. When creating content, we consider our customer needs and present them with the information necessary to make educated choices.


We are experts in our field with a global team and real-world knowledge, as such, we speak in a straight forward but sophisticated tone using industry terminology. We trust our customers’ understanding of the space and do not speak down to them.


Always address what is most important to the reader. We are knowledgeable but not arrogant, the reader should easily understand the message and how it connects directly to their needs.


Messaging should express the brand personality and values and reflect our products in innovation and usefulness. Our distinctive tone demonstrates the passion in what we do reminding our audience that real people are behind the brand.

We are the champions and leaders of our brand. Each of us is responsible to ensure we consistently uphold the standards that we proudly represent.

How to Use the Brand Guidelines

This handbook describes the Iconic brand with guidelines and examples on how to communicate and maintain the company’s brand integrity. Anyone wishing to create public facing materials should use this document as a reference along with the brand kit available at

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